PolicePatchBeardsBeards for Bucks- it’s a catchy title but what does it actually mean? All donations go directly to the Grafton County Child Advocacy Center(CAC) which is a part of CHaD, Childrens Hospital at Dartmouth

We all know Grafton County is a very rural county, it is composed of mostly small police agenicies with limited resources. The typical officer in this county (myself included), investigates thefts, frauds, assaults, drug dealing, motor vehicle collisions, untimely deaths, responds to service calls, conducts motor vehicle enforcement, provides community outreach, along with many other activities. Most of us do not have specialization in any specific area but need to have minimum competency in many areas. This leads to a “we know a little about a lot, but a lot about nothing” syndrome. 

The CAC provides specialization to help victims of child abuse including neglect, physical, and sexual abuse. The CAC provides a safe environment to interview children. They have an experienced and trained staff that conduct one on one interviews with children. These interviews are done in specifically set up rooms that provide comfort to children. Police and social workers watch these interviews live via closed circuit television in a separate nearby room. The interviewer takes frequent breaks to check in with police and social workers to ensure they are gathering the information that these groups are seeking from the child. Police and social services can than use these interviews as evidence against the abusers and to help the victims. 

The Hebron Police typically utilizes the services of the CAC on average a couple times a year. I do not have the skill set to effectively interview a child about abuse let alone to conduct an interview that does not re-victimize them.  The CAC relies primarily on grant funding and donations to survive. 

Please consider donating to this agency to help us help the children. Donations can be made online at http://chadbeards4bucks.kintera.org/hebronpolice

Any donation in the name of any officer of Grafton County participating in this fundraiser is a win for my department, your department and the children who live and visit Grafton County.

Police Chief Travis Austin


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