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Douglas Merrill (2018)
Donald Merrill (2018)
Bruce Barnard (2018)


Charge to the Committee:

At its meeting on May 21, the Select Board voted unanimously in favor of the following Charge to the Committee, and appointed three regular members and four ex officio members.

The Hebron Select Board charges the ad hoc Hebron Village and Pratt Cemeteries Advisory Committee with making recommendations on updating the Regulations for the Hebron Village and Pratt Cemeteries document after working closely with the Hebron Cemetery Sextons to understand the issues that need to be clarified, and doing comparative research on Regulations of other Town cemeteries in the Lakes Region. We would expect that most of the research could be done outside of meetings, and that only three or four meetings would be required.  We request that the Committee bring a draft of the revised Regulations to the Select Board by November 2015, with the expectation that a final version would be brought to Town Meeting 2016 for approval by the voters.

Cemeteries Advisory Committee

Regular Members
Carol Bears, Trustee of the Trust Funds
Ron Collins, Chair of the Heritage Commission, Past Cemetery Sexton
John Hilson, Attorney

Ex officio Members
Doug Merrill, Cemetery Sexton
Bruce Barnard, Cemetery Sexton
Don Merrill, Cemetery Sexton
Tracey Steenbergen, Town Clerk
Ellie Lonske,  Select Board representative