Committee Members

John Fischer (Fire Chief)
Maynard Young (Fire)
Tony Albert (Fire)
William Robertie (Fire)
Travis Austin (Police)
Casey Kuplin (Highway)
Patrick Moriarty (Select Board)
Mavis Brittelli (Conservation Commission)

The HEBRON HAZARD MITIGATION PLAN (the Plan) serves as a means to reduce future losses from natural or man-made hazard events before they occur. The Plan was developed by the Hebron Hazard Mitigation Planning Committee with assistance from the Lakes Region Planning Commission, and contains statements of policy adopted by the Select Board.

Please follow the link below to the Hazard Mitigation plan revised in April of 2009. A copy of the Plan is available for public view at the Hebron Select Board Office.

The Town of Hebron RURAL FIRE WATER RESOURCE PLAN is also available for public view at the Hebron Select Board Office.