Hebron Memorial Beach



Beach Stickers are available though the Hebron Town Clerk’s Office and the Selectmen’s Office.  Please visit the respective page by clicking on the title to the left for office hours.

  You can also obtain a Beach Sticker by sending
 $20.00 and a self -addressed stamped envelope to:

The Hebron Town Clerk
Tracey Steenbergen
10 Church Lane
PO Box 55
Hebron, NH 03241

Beach Stickers are now good for an entire calendar year.

Hebron Beach Committee Members

Terry  O’Brien (Chair)

Virginia Barnard

Paul White

Andrea Goldthwaite

David Goldthwaite

Alan Baker

Gordon Matthews


Hebron Memorial Beach Ordinance



    We welcome you to the Hebron Memorial Beach. The beach, parking lot and adjacent town land are for the use of Hebron residents/taxpayers and their guests only.

    We hope you enjoy the facilities and ask that you observe the following ordinances for everyone’s benefit.

      • Parking is by permit only
      • The beach, access road and parking lot opens
         at 5 a.m. and closes at 11 p.m.
      • People using the area do so at their own risk. The town is not liable for accidents and assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen articles of personal property.
      • No bob houses are to be stored on beach property before January 1 or after March 31.
      • Trailers, motor homes, camping and fires are prohibited

    Violations of the above ordinances may result in expulsion from the beach for one (1) year, citation and a $100.00 fine.

    The access road to the beach is very narrow. Please use extreme caution when entering and leaving. Also, be careful not to cause excessive wear and erosion, move bob houses when area is frozen.

    No cars or trucks beyond the parking lot. Only snowmobiles and ATV’s are allowed to cross the designated beach winter access area.

    Please keep the beach and lake free of debris and trash (carry in, carry out).

    Thank you,

    Hebron Board of Selectmen

    Hebron Beach Committee

    Adopted : December 17, 2009

    As per the order of the Selectmen of the Town of Hebron.

    John W. Dunklee, Chairman

    John W. Matthews, Vice-Chairman

    Bruce A. Barnard