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The fees for snow plowing for the 2011-2012 season are the same as last year. If the Town plowed your road last year, you should have ryoueceived your letter by now. Payments are due by November 7, 2011. If  have not used this service in the past and would like to sign up, or if you wish to discontinue this service, please e-mail hebronnh@metrocast.net or call (603-744-2631)the Selectmen’s Office during regular business hours.


Hebron Driveway Plowing Guidelines

  • The Town of Hebron will plow residents driveways that opt in to the program and pre - pay for the season.  The Highway Supervisor has the right to deny any driveway due to extreme circumstances or hazardous conditions.
  • Features near or in the driveway should be marked with 4' stakes indicating the hazard, i.e. stone walls, well heads, septic systems or any other non moveable objects.
  • Neither the town nor its sub-contractors are responsible for damages to features incurred during plowing.
  • The town will plow driveways only if snow depths reach 3" or more, measured at the highway garage.
  • The town will only plow if the ground is frozen.
  • The town is not responsible for sanding or salting driveways, plowing of drifted snow or plowing out mailboxes.
  • Owners shall be responsible for widening driveways in the event that snow accumulation has narrowed it to a point where plow drivers can no longer remove snow effectively.
  • All attempts will be made to clear out driveways as close to garage doors as possible.  Some hand shoveling by the owners will still be needed.
  • As always town roads are a priority.  Driveways will be plowed as soon as possible once the roads are passable.
  • Safety first!  Please keep children and pets out of harms way and away from the driveway while plowing occurs.
  • Any owner wanting their driveway plowed mid way through the season that hasn't been plowed previously will be required to have any accumulated snow removed first.
  • Plow payments must be received by Nov 7.  No plowing will occur until payment is received.