As of July  1, 2011, the  “Comprehensive Shoreline Protection Act” that took effect April 1, 2008 has changed its name to the “Shoreland Water Quality Protection Act”. This act has details on permits and regulations  required by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services for
any construction within 250 feet of Newfound Lake. 
Besides the new name, differences in the act include changes to vegetation requirements within the natural woodland and waterfront buffers, the impervious surface limitation, and  a new shoreland permit by notification process.  Before any work is started, property owners need to check with NHDES , Click here for website.  The above process will need to be completed and all permits and construction maps or plans required by DES must be complied with before submitting any Building Permit Application to the Town of Hebron.
Dan Merritt, Hebron Compliance Officer

Effective March 15, 2009

The Selectmen have agreed to increase the fees on building permits obtained AFTER the project has been started due to the extra work done by the Compliance Officer on issuing the building permit.  The increase would be $275 for each category listed currently on the building permit application.  

    Fees for obtaining a building permit after the project has been started will be:

    a.) Single-Family Dwelling and Manufactured Housing $350

    b.) Multi-Family Dwelling (per unit) $350

    c.) Additions, Garages, Sheds, Decks, Swimming Pools, Porches, signs, Non Commercial

    Towers, Satellite Dishes exceeding 20” and Similar Structures $325

    d.) Additional Building Permits for the same project $325

    e.) Generators and other similar units permanently affixed to the ground $285

Effective March 15, 2009. The Selectmen reserve the right to waive any or all of the above fees for just cause.


Notice to all Landlords: New Hampshire Minimum Housing Standards (Section 48-A:14)

Link of Interest:  Statewide Program of Action to Conserve Our Environment:

 Permits Required by the Town of Hebron and issued through the Selectmen's  Office:

Appeal Application for Zoning Board  of Adjustment


Building Permit

Appeal Application

Driveway Permit


Gathering Permit


Planning Board Applications:

Earth Excavation Application

Historic District Commission:


Site Plan Review

Application for Certificate of Approval



Voluntary Lot Merger