Tax Maps

Tax maps are numbered 1-10 and 14-27. Map numbers 11, 12 and 13 are not assigned in Hebron's numbering system. Maps are in pdf format and a pdf reader is required to view the Map Legend, the Road Index and tax maps.

The owner(s) of a tax parcel may be found by using the Tax Kiosk and entering the tax map and lot number in the Search by Parcel ID section. Tax Kiosk records may not reflect the current ownership of a parcel and it is the user's responsibility to confirm the current owner of a parcel with the Select Board's office.

Map Legend

Road Index               

Map 1

Map 2

Map 3

Map 4

Map 5

Map 6

Map 7

Map 7 HP

Map 8

Map 9

Map 10

Map 14

Map 15

Map 16

Map 17

Map 17A

Map 18

Map 18 Inserts

Map 18A

Map 19

Map 19A

Map 19A Inserts

Map 20

Map 20 Inserts

Map 21

Map 22

Map 23

Map 24